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What is Yoni Mapping?

Yoni mapping is a holistic healing practice that involves exploring and mapping the female genitalia to gain a deeper understanding of a woman's body and sexual health. The term "yoni" is derived from Sanskrit and refers to the female genitalia as a sacred space.

During a yoni mapping session, a practitioner will use various techniques, such as breathwork, massage, and visualizations, to help the woman relax and connect with her body. The practitioner will then use touch to map out the different parts of the yoni, including the clitoris, labia, G-spot, cervix, and pelvic floor muscles.

The mapping process can help women to release physical and emotional blockages, increase their sexual pleasure and sensitivity, and improve their overall health and wellbeing. Yoni mapping can also be used to address specific issues, such as painful intercourse, low libido, and sexual trauma.

It's important to note that yoni mapping is a therapeutic practice and should only be performed by a trained and qualified practitioner. The practitioner will ensure that the client is comfortable and fully consenting throughout the session.

Yoni Mapping & De-armouring

For Couples (also available via video call)

What to expect

In a space that has been cleansed of energies with the use of Sage, Palo Santo, or Copal (depending on the intention) you will both also be smudged of any energies that are not serving you in that moment. ​

We will have a moment to discuss your intentions* for the session and any boundaries that you may have for the session as an individual and as a couple. We will make it clear that this session is completely for the two of you, and I as the giver receive nothing during the session. 

Together we will create a container* of the space to create a safe space where you can be your full authentic selves, where anything you do, say, or express will be witnessed without judgment and will be held with love and light. 

Before we get into the embodiment part of the session, I will run through the entire massage procedure. We will also have a cheat sheet on a board for you to look back on in case you forget along the way. 

We will start with some breathing and eye-gazing to bring us into alignment, as well as to bring your bodies into a relaxed state. 



The massage will start with the receiver's back where you will be giving your partner a massage in the style of the four elements (air, water, fire, and earth), which you will then be repeated on their front, allowing them to sink deeper into their bodies. When their body is telling you it is ready, we’ll smoothly transition to their Yoni or Lingam, giving them a full massage starting from their outermost part, at various points and various pressures to activate and allow their genital’s fire to be felt by them in her full radiance. The massage, with their consent in that moment, even if they are a longtime partner, will continue inward where they will feel yet another layer to their sacral chakra, their genitals. 


At the end of the massage, we will continue to hold space for your partner to relax and process their experience.


As an aftercare, ​I will follow up with both of you, about the integration of your experience. 


​* Intension vs goal: A goal describes what you want to do in the future. It focuses on external accomplishments and is something you can clearly check off a list. An intention describes how you want to feel. Its focus is internal – on your relationship with yourself.

​* The "container" is the psychological or spiritual space within which a group works

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