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Are you ready to Expand into
deep Pleasure & Joy?

January 30th!

Expanding Pleasure & Joy

3-day Tantric journey of self-discovery, EXOTIC workshops, and FUN!

Investment & Registration

Early bird ₹11,000 (132 usd) until Jan 14th.
₹13,000 (156 usd) after the 14th
All participants must have a video call
or meet Eric in-person before admission.

Spots are limited, get yours TODAY!

Program schedule

9:00 - 10:30

Powerful Breathwork


11:30 - 1:30pm

Noon session


3:30 - 6:30pm

Afternoon session


Love Temple Beach Resort and Wellness Center, Arambol, Goa, India

Who is This For?

We welcome seekers who come with the right intention, ready to explore and expand their horizon in the realm of spiritual and physical connection.

For people wanting to get unblocked and unstuck in their lives, but with the use of polarity of looking into your shadows, and then filling them with joy! 

What Will You Gain?

Over two transformative days, you will immerse yourself in a variety of exotic workshops that will make you go deep into your process, followed my activities of merriment. Learn the power of breathwork, understand when your personal desires and boundaries. We will guide you in creating a safe, respectful, and consensual environment, empowering you to practice with integrity and depth.

Location & Setting

Join us at the picturesque Love Temple Beach Resort and Wellness Center.

Nestled in the vibrant heart of Arambol, Goa, this haven is the perfect backdrop for your training journey. Embrace the tranquil surroundings as you dive deep into learning and personal growth.


Ready to Join?

Registration is open now! To register or inquire further, send a WhatsApp message to +49-1567-9339-267 or email us at

Embark on this enriching path and transform the way you connect with yourself and others.

Dive into the depth of your enate wisdom and emerge with newfound knowledge, connection, and a community of like-minded individuals. We look forward to welcoming you to this life-changing experience!

Exotic Workshops
  1. Deep Emotional Healing: You will experience profound emotional release and healing, shedding past traumas and embracing a future with clarity and lightness.

  2. Enhanced Sensory Appreciation: The retreat encourages a reconnection with one's sensory experiences, leading to a renewed appreciation for the subtle beauty in everyday life and deeper engagement with the world.

  3. Creative Expression and Confidence: By exploring various forms of artistic and movement-based expression, individuals can discover new passions or rekindle old ones, boosting self-esteem and finding joy in self-expression.

  4. Spiritual Growth and Insight: The retreat offers a sanctuary for spiritual exploration and growth, helping individuals to find deeper meaning, and a greater sense of purpose in their lives.

  5. Harmonious Relationships: You will have the opportunity to learn and practice communication and relationship-building skills that can lead to more harmonious and understanding interactions with family, friends, and colleagues.

  6. Physical Rejuvenation and Self-Care: Engaging in physical activities and relaxation techniques can revitalize the body and mind, promoting overall well-being and teaching valuable self-care practices.

  7. Joyful Play and Laughter: The retreat environment encourages playfulness and laughter, helping to reduce stress, build social connections, and promote a general sense of happiness and well-being.


Online Education

Can't make it to the in-person training?

Click the images for more info.

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