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Who is it for?

​This is for Goddesses and couples looking to experience a powerful release, unlike anything you've ever experienced. Contrary to belief squirting does not mean orgasm has been reached, though it can become that, with patience and practice. And when it does, it is a much deeper orgasm, a more grounding orgasm; compared to that of a clitoral orgasm which is described as more of a "quick release."​


This is for you if you desire to:

  • Practice surrendering to the moment 

  • Feel a sensation you never have before

  • Learn as a couple to be able to apply this practice at home whenever you like 

  • Banish shame from your desires to be an intentionally squirting woman 

  • Reconnect with your Yoni.

Tantric Squirting

What to expect 

In a space that has been cleansed of energies with the use of Sage, Palo Santo, or Copal (depending on the intention) you too will be smudged of any energies that are not serving you in that moment. ​

We will have a moment to discuss your intentions* for the session and any boundaries that you may have for the session. We will make it clear that this session is completely for you, and I as the giver receive nothing during the session. 

Together we will create a container* of the space to create a safe space where you can be your full authentic self where anything you do, say, or express will be witnessed without judgment and will be held with love and light. 

We will start with a Goddess worship & massage starting with your back with a five-elements massage to allow you to sink deeper into your body. There will be ZERO pressure for you to perform. This time is for you to receive and learn to surrender... to your body... to your mind... to your pleasure. 

At the end of the session, I will continue to hold space for you to relax and process your experience. 


As an aftercare, ​I will follow up with you, about the integration of your experience. 

For Goddesses

For Couples

The process above will be instructed to you step by step so that you may practice this incredible ritual and share it with your partner(s). Each time you will get better and better at listening to your partner's body and respond with the skills you were taught. 

Testimonials & Praise

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