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Tantric Massage

Benefits for all
Learn what FULL body orgasm feels like.

Connect deeper to your energy, body, and spirit.

Feel the 5 element's massage technique.

Experience new sensation with powerful sensory tools

Release from sexual shame and guilt 

Potentially activate your kundalini energy 

Tantric Eric teaching on television

For women (yoni mapping)

Session Flow



Intension setting


Aftercare + integration talk

I'll send a text message on the next day and 2 weeks later to check-in on how you're doing post massage

(duration 90-120 mins)

Mapping your yoni gives greater understanding of areas that might be numb, painful, or absolutly pleasurable. 

Rekindle your trust in masculine energy

For men

TRULY understand that pleasure can be felt throughout your entire body and not just your lingam (cock)


If available we can use my space for the session. 

Otherwise, your space is an option. I have lights, a speaker, and incense to create mood and ambiance fit for a tantric massage.

For singles and couples

What to expect 

In a sacred space that has been purified of unwanted energies using Copal, the receivers are smudged to release any energies that no longer serve them in that moment.

Prior to the session, we will take a moment to discuss your intentions* and any personal or shared boundaries you may have. It is important to note that this session is exclusively dedicated to you, and as the practitioner, I will not receive any personal benefit from it.


Together, we will create a safe container* where you can authentically express yourselves without fear of judgment. Every word, action, and emotion will be witnessed with love and compassion, illuminating your path.

The massage journey includes the 5 elements touch technique allowing for a profound embodiment experience. Touch involves your genitals as well, to help cultivate full body awakening. A clothes on and non-genital touch option is also available. 


As the session draws to a close, I will hold space for you to relax and process your unique experience. In the spirit of aftercare, I will also follow up with you to support the integration of your journey.​

Couples classes

available via live-video

* Note: Intention vs. goal: While a goal pertains to future accomplishments and can be quantifiable, an intention focuses on your internal state and desired feelings, nurturing your relationship with yourself.


* The "container" symbolizes the psychological or spiritual space within which our work together unfolds.

Testimonials & Praise

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