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Have you ever wondered what a 
Clitoral orgasm feels like? 

This is IT! 

Showergasms For Men:
The male-clit Orgasm

Self-paced online training

Available NOW!

All genders welcome 🏳️‍🌈

What's included
Step-by-step instructional videos on how to achieve a hands-free ejaculatory orgasm with the power of water.  

Tips on different positions to use.

Explanation of how/why it works.
The option to get 1-on-1 sessions to answer your questions, and explain/practice techniques in depth
Bonus information of how to have pee-gasms!

Tips on how to use sex toys to elevate your experience.

A tool that will serve to connect you to your own body for a lifetime


Isn't it about time that you learn something new and exciting?

What is a Showergasm?

Showergasms for Men offers a revolutionary approach to personal pleasure that harnesses the natural power of water to induce ejaculatory orgasms WITHOUT the need for manual stimulation. This innovative technique allows men to explore a new dimension of pleasure, utilizing the rhythmic and soothing pressure of water. The course delves into the scientific principles behind this method, explaining how and why the targeted stimulation provided by water can lead to profound orgasmic experiences. By engaging with this method, participants learn to connect with their bodies in a refreshingly novel way, experiencing the kind of deep, enveloping pleasure often likened to a clitoral orgasm.

Main Benefits:

  1. New Pleasure Techniques: Discover a unique and hands-free method to achieve intense orgasms, expanding your repertoire of pleasure.

  2. Scientific Insight and Understanding: Gain a deeper understanding of your body's response mechanisms to different stimuli.

  3. Exploration of Pleasure: Challenge conventional approaches to orgasm, exploring sensations that are rich, profound, and often unexpected, broadening your sexual horizons.

Why do the work?

You can choose to go through life giving yourself handjobs, or you can decide to embody EXCELLENCE in pleasure. Every lesson is a step towards mastering your environment. Every bit of knowledge is a step towards a better self, more connected, and a profound understanding of bodily pleasure





Step-by-step instructional videos on how to achieve a hands-free ejaculatory orgasm with the power of water.


 Tips on different positions to use.

Explanation of how/why it works.  

Skills that will AMPLIFY your sexual pleasure by over 9,000!







Everything from "Self-paced" 



A 60-minute Personalized Mastery Session - To put you at the VERY TOP! 



We're so confident in this product that there's a money back guarantee AND the option to send us more money if you feel it's brought you more value! 

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Online Education

Can't make it to an in-person training?

Click the images for more info.

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