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Cunnilingus Mastery:
29 Ways to Lick Pussy

Self-paced online training

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Are you ready to become their 

Available NOW!

All genders welcome 🏳️‍🌈

What's included
Master your tongue, mind, and licking-confidence. 

29 videos of licking techniques that have been pre-recorded with a beautiful model.

Expert advice from someone who's practiced with over 425 women. 

The option to get 1-on-1 sessions to
answer your questions, explain/practice techniques in depth, and share some laughs.

Peer-to-peer support
in a community group for all participants.


A Cunnilinguist Certificate 

Access to discounted online trainings.

Bragging rights to all your friends.

The right to say
"Hey, you know that there are 29 ways to lick pussy? and I learned them ALL.


Cunnilingus Mastery
Will help you 

Increase your 
technical Knowledge 

Learn with like-minded people 

Boost your 

Deepen your

testimonial for CM.jpg

We are going to have LOADS of fun learning how to create IMMENCE amounts of PLEASURE! 

Spots are HOT, get yours NOW!

What is Cunnilingus Mastery?

In the sea of self-help resources—books, videos, podcasts—it's easy to find inspiration. Yet, true TRANSFORMATION demands more: a mastery of self, a deep understanding of applied technique, and a supportive community to hold you accountable.


That's where this program excels.

Whether you are a complete beginner, just want to gain a few more tips, or simply a person committed to EXCELLENCE, CM is your arena. Here, you optimize your understanding, nurture fulfilling relationships, align your sexual life with powerful knowledge, and pave the path to sustained ORGASMIC SUCCESS.

The Power of Group Learning

During CM, you learn alongside others who share your aspirations and desires. This is not just about individual success; it's about elevating each other, and learning dynamically within a community. Each member's progress amplifies your own, turning group learning into a powerful catalyst for PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION.

Why do the work?

You can choose to go through life mediocre, or you can decide to embody EXCELLENCE. Every lesson is a step towards mastering your environment. Every bit of knowledge is a step towards a better self, more confidence, and a profound understanding of bodily pleasure

Transform the inspiration into action, where you don’t just meet your goals—you exceed them, together.





The online course at your own pace.


29 videos of licking techniques that have been pre-recorded with a beautiful model.

4 x 1 hour recordings from the Live training of May 2024.

Skills that will AMPLIFY your sexy life by over 9,000!

If you play your cards right; you'll have women begin you to practice on them. 






Everything from "Self-paced" 



A 90-minute Personalized Mastery Session - To put you at the VERY TOP! (valued at around €210)

50% off any of my other Online courses: Tantric Massage (value €105), Sensual Spanking (value €109), and Showergasms for Men (value €39)


(You gain the retail value of  €395.99)


We're so confident in this product that there's a money back guarantee AND the option to send us more money if you feel it's brought you more value! 

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Online Education

Can't make it to an in-person training?

Click the images for more info.

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