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Recomendaciones de juguetes sexuales (EE. UU. y México)

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This is a suctional vibrator, known to make women orgasm VERY quickly. These can be very intense, but overall they are said to be prized possession of women who own them. 


A word of caution: If not used in moderation, vibrators can make you desensitized, and most of all they can become “addicting” in the sense that these are not sensations made possible by humans. 


Use it for nipple, neck, ear stimulation; and whatever feels good for you! 


Lelo Sona 2: 

LEL0 Sona 2 Cruise 

 Lelo Sila Sonic: 


Enigma Cruise Deep Rose 

Women's self-pleasure

Suctional Vibrators

Chorus, Sync, & Match

A very versatile toy for self-pleasure and couples play. You can get very creative with this toy; it has two ends that vibrate independently, meaning each side can have a different rumble, you can connect it to your phone with an app to create your own vibrational settings. 

Play with it inserted in your Yoni and over your clit, or experiment with it one in your Yoni and one in your anus. 


Because of its C shape, you can also use it to stimulate the entirety of your clitoris including its “legs” located in your outer lips. 


In couples play, insert it in Yoni and over clit and your partner can insert their Lingam or a phallic toy to stimulate you vaginally. 


We-vibe Chorus (Best Option, due to its remote):  




We-vibe Match: 

Vibrating Wands

These are for those long sessions where long battery life is necessary, and your main focus is clitoral vibration play. It can also be pleasurable on your anus and the rest of your body.


Smart Wand 2:

Rose quartz or Jade wand:

Crystal wands are great for healing your Yoni by cleansing it energetically. Rosa quartz is known for calling in universal love, and Jade is known for calling in peace. 



Black Obsidian wand:

You can use this if you want to use your

sexual energy to call in a specific desire. 


8" soft dildo:  


CLONE-A-WILLY - Silicone Penis copying:

Create a copy of your partner’s cock.

Wands for Penetration

Self-pleasure for men

You can clamp the we-vibe over the tip of your Lingam with the middle of the C at your exit, and secure it in place with a rubber band. Using the different vibrational settings, and only holding your Lingam at the base for stability, test how it feels to orgasm without using stroking motions. 


Anal play is not gay. Experiment with your body, it's yours! It's all beautiful and capable of so much pleasure; Try inserting one end of the we-vibe into your anus using some water-based lube. With the possibility of having different vibrational patterns on each end, you can play with it and see which vibrations are good for YOU. 


We-vibe Chorus (Best Option, due to its remote): 


We-vibe Match:

Chorus, Sync, & Match

Masturbation sleeves:



The beauty about these sleeves is finding out that

you don’t have to use them for instant gratification,

masturbate with the purpose of ejaculating, but instead,

adding new ways to your self-pleasure practices. This can

involve dedicating specific time to play with yourself, and

enjoying just being in the feeling of pleasure, aiming slightly towards not ejaculating. Instead, learning to move that energy around your body; some people use breathwork to do this. The sleeves can feel like one of the best (physical) blowjobs that you’ve ever gotten. They can be very healing if used correctly. So how will you choose to use it? 

Pleasure for All

Chorus, Sync, & Match

The We-vibe is such a versatile toy. In couple's play, you can use it for clitoral stimulation and penetration.

For female bodies: Try inserting it in the Yoni and over clit and your partner can insert their Lingam or a dildo to stimulate you vaginally. This can feel good for both giver and receiver. 


For male bodies: Have him insert the we-vibe into his anus, and feel the rumble of the vibration all the way through his Lingam.  

Secure the we-vibe at the base of his Lingam and experiment with penetration, oral and hand play. For him, the vibration will be felt on his testicles and shaft, and for her, the receiver will feel through his cock. 


We-vibe Chorus (Best Option, due to its remote): 




We-vibe Match:

CLONE-A-WILLY - Silicone Penis copying:

Create a copy of your partner’s cock.

Harness + dildo:

Great for:

  • Pegging 

  • Double penetration. Filling her up with two of the same cocks. Make it even more fun by using a strap-on harness.

  • Threesome with two Goddesses. He can penetrate both at the same time with his cocks, again better with a strap-on harness. 

    • Penetrate one of your goddesses while she penetrates the other with your copy. 

Sensory toys



1 wheel:

USA & Mexico (silver)   




1 & 3 wheel set:  

3 wheel: 




5 wheel: 

USA & Mexico 

Drip Candles:  





Peacock Eye Feather Fan:

JBL Clip 4: Portable Speaker with Bluetooth, Built-in Battery,

Waterproof and Dustproof, 10hr battery life, fantastic base for it’s small size.  


Super comfortable eyemask: 

Sexy Mood Setting

LED multicolor flood lights, minimum size to get is the 25w:  


LED fairy lights:  

Copal Incense:

 100 Sticks: 


Tingsha Cymbals Bells:

The Herbal Astrology Oracle:

Impact toys

Crop (riding crop): 


Beginner Flogger: 

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