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Are you ready to  
Experience/give full body Sensation?

Sensual Spanking:
Connecting through impact play

Self-paced online training

Available NOW!

All genders welcome 🏳️‍🌈

What's included
Step-by-step instructional videos for before, during, and after a Sensual Spanking session.  

A full length session shown on a beautiful model.

12 Hand-Spanking techniques!

Tips on how to position your partner to optimize your session.

The option to get 1-on-1 sessions to answer your questions, explain/practice techniques in depth, and/or even have a guided tantric massage via live video call. 

Bonus information that will change your day to day life

An intro to sex toys.

A tool that will serve you for connecting with present or future partners. 


Sensual Spanking
Will help you 

Increase your 
technical Knowledge 

Improve your communication skills 

Boost your 

Deepen your

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You're are going to have LOADS of fun learning how to create IMMENCE amounts of PLEASURE! When is a better time than now to learn something new and exciting?

Spots are HOT, get yours NOW!

What is Sensual Spanking?

Sensual spanking is a thrilling exploration of touch and sensation, crafted to deepen connection and enhance intimacy between partners. This practice transcends traditional boundaries of intensity, focusing on the intentionality of each stroke to evoke a spectrum of sensations rather than pain. It’s about communication and trust, allowing both the giver and the receiver to engage fully and openly in a shared experience that celebrates consent and mutual enjoyment. With each carefully considered spank, partners navigate their unique thresholds, discovering new avenues of pleasure and empowerment.

Main Benefits:

  1. Deepened Connection and Intimacy: It fosters a unique bond between partners, enhancing trust and communication as they explore their desires and boundaries together.

  2. Pleasure-Focused Exploration: It shifts the focus from pain to pleasure, allowing individuals to explore sensations that can be both exhilarating and profoundly satisfying.

  3. Confidence Boosting Both in and out of the bedroom, empowering individuals to express their desires and boundaries more clearly. As well, a learning to hold space for pleasure and all other emotions.

  4. Spice and Variety: It will help to break from routine and introduce a playful yet profound layer to a couple’s intimacy repertoire.

  5. Trance-like States: Otherwise known as Sub-space, spanking can lead to trance-like experiences, where time seems to slow down, and couples can immerse fully in the present moment, enhancing the overall sensual experience.

Why do the work?

You can choose to go through life mediocre, or you can decide to embody EXCELLENCE. Every lesson is a step towards mastering your environment. Every bit of knowledge is a step towards a better self, more confidence, and a profound understanding of bodily pleasure

Transform the inspiration into action, where you don’t just meet your goals—you exceed them, together.





Step-by-step instructional videos for before, during, and after a Sensual Spanking session. 


A full length session shown on a beautiful model.


12 Hand-Spanking techniques! Tips on how to position your partner to optimize your session.

Skills that will AMPLIFY your sex life by over 9,000!

If you play your cards right; you'll have people begin you to practice on them. 





Everything from "Self-paced" 



A 90-minute Personalized Mastery Session - To put you at the VERY TOP! (valued at around €210)

50% off any of my other Online courses: Tantric Massage (value €105), Sensual Spanking (value €109), and Showergasms for Men (value €39)


(You gain the retail value of  €370.99)


We're so confident in this product that there's a money back guarantee AND the option to send us more money if you feel it's brought you more value! 

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Online Education

Can't make it to an in-person training?

Click the images for more info.

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